Underarm Hair Removal Demonstration


Hi #TWHFam - 

Today I sugared my underarms and thought you might want to see it happening. It's so nice to be able to get this done without taking time out of my day to make an appointment, go...

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10 Reasons To Get A Brazilian

Why would anyone remove their hair Down There? 

It's a great question. And one I get often.

Depending on where we are when you bring up the topic, you'll get different answers.

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What Mapping Out Special Occasions Will Tell You about Brazilians

Here's the thing I've noticed over 10 years or so of giving Brazilians on the daily:

You want to be spiffy for the big event.

Now what the "big event" is differs for a lot of you - but they fall...

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What It's Actually Like to Get (and Give) a Brazilian


I spoke to a sold out crowd and plenty of laughs ensued.

This was a super fun way to share reality without freaking (too many) people out.

I hope it helps you feel a little more chill about getting...

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How to Get Silky Smooth Skin in 5 Easy Steps


"No one’s gonna see it anyway, so why even bother?"

That's something I’ve heard waayyy too many times.

Here’s the thing: smooth, silky skin is worth having AND it’s...

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Face frenemies: a cautionary tale

You. An armload of clothes. A well-dressed employee…who introduces herself (and gives you a compliment!) as she unlocks the dressing room door and helps you with your haul.

The first...

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Can I get a Brazilian on my period?

It's a little bit trickier to GIVE yourself a Braz...but still doable. Mind the string of the tampon near the sugar. It'll seem like there are magnets attached to both and they'll want to hang out...

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