What happens when a corporate girl who loves Brazilians gets burned out?




That’s right. My name is Jeri, and I’m the Founder & Director.

Back in 2011ish
Rather than taking a sabbatical to cure my burnout, I went to esthetician school at night so I could quit my job
…create a brand
…move to a town with no sugaring
…and bring this amazing technique to an entirely new market.

But guess what?

Since…ummm…no one else in town sugared...that left me to give me my own Brazilians.

Which I could have figured out how to do while I was on sabbatical.

I did NOT need to blow up my life.

But I did.

Along the way, I created an exclusive formula…I gave thousands of Brazilians...

I learned
most important service 
isn’t hair removal.

Sure, it’s what we’ve done in the studio for nearly a decade.

But now, we get to scale the thing that really matters: helping people achieve clear, ingrown-free skin. AND - bonus! We get to teach you how to sugar yourself in the process.

Now, you get to learn all about skin health and how to clear up ingrown, redness, irritation, and the like while working hand in hand with, so you can achieve your best and smoothest self ever.

Taking the business online has been a wonderful opportunity to distill TWH’s core principals down to what really differentiates us:

We give you the tools and teach you the technique so you can cut out the studio entirely.

You have access to trainings and a decades-long dedication to keeping bodies as hair-free as they want to be.

This is a big deal.
It’s a big moment.
In fact, it’s the one you’ve been waiting for
(even though you didn’t know it till just now).

Imagine moving wherever you like (and/or wherever the job market takes you) without worrying about finding a new service provider.

Imagine throwing away your razor. Eliminating red bumps, ingrown, and irritation.

Imagine having access to a skin coach who doesn’t expect you to get all Kardashian and high maintenance about it.

You don’t have to imagine
because you’re already here.


(It's almost like you're on sabbatical.)