10 Reasons To Get A Brazilian

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10 Reasons To Get A Brazilian
Why would anyone remove their hair Down There? 

It's a great question. And one I get often.

Depending on where we are when you bring up the topic, you'll get different answers.

For example - you get one version if you're sitting on a barstool and I happen to be the girl next to you. You'll get a different  version if you're standing in the Gift Shop, nervous and a little sweaty but oh-so-very curious.

Both are totally valid. It's just that one is a bit more colorful.

I'll let you guess which is which.

But anyway.

As someone who was a Brazilian client for years before becoming a practitioner...and who rambled on and on about Brazilians long before I had a are some of my favorite reasons.

10 Reasons To Get A Brazilian

1. Hair in your teeth is less than awesome.

A couple years ago, a client reported she was getting her first-ever Brazilian because her fiance "didn't want hair stuck in his teeth."

Let's just say the comment has "stuck" with me. And dudes...ladies feel the same way. Just so you know. 

2. You want to.

Think about it. No one has to get a Brazilian. In fact - it's perfectly cool to NOT remove hair.

But maybe...just want to know what the hype is about. Or you're tired of shaving. Or someone on a barstool was raving about Brazilians and you were weirded out (but intrigued). 

3. It minimizes the Funk Factor. 

Both dudes and ladies suffer from Funk: Summer Funk. Working Too Much Funk. I've Been Camping For Three Days Funk. Hair gives the Funk Bacteria a happy home, and the less hair you have...the fewer places Funk can take up residence. 

Funk is normal. Funk happens. But if you get Brazilians, Funk is minimized.

4. You'll use less toilet paper.

Bathroom visits become more efficient - and eco-friendly - when your backside is cleaned up. There's less smearage, less time in the bathroom, less chance of clogging the toilet.

I'll be honest - this was a nice surprise after my first Brazilian.

5. You'll be able to see what's up Down There.

Don't ignore your middle bits! 

Knowing all the parts of your anatomy (visually and by feel) is important. Very important. If you don't pay attention to every part of yourself, you're less likely to recognize health issues till they get serious. 

6. It's a fun secret.

Your Brazilian can be a secret you don't share with anyone. Or it can be just between you and your partner. Perhaps it's a Widely Known Secret (like it is for me). 

However you decide to play it, having a fun secret while you go grocery shopping or sit on a crowded airplane makes you feel just a bit more powerful. And powerful is a great feeling. 

7. Your First Brazilian is empowering.

Speaking of powerful: The thought of getting your First Brazilian can be intimidating and scary: A stranger looking at your most private parts! The pain! Anxiety about how you look and whether you'll get made fun of! (I could go on, but I'm sure you have plenty of your own intimidating and scary thoughts.)

BUT. Once you're done with your First Brazilian, you know you can do anything. It's a special kind of euphoria.

8. Your partner will love it.

Eyes light up when partners realize today was Brazilian Day. 

In fact - partners often introduce themselves. They tell me that they love what I do for their relationship. Grins happen all around. It's the sweetest moment. Even when it happens in a restaurant or grocery store. 

9. You'll love it (and the increased sensation).

You'll be able to feel the difference. Seriously. Take your new self for a solo spin...or just pay attention during your next paired encounter. 

Silky smooth is So. Much. Fun.

10. Brazilians are educational opportunities.

You'll learn about yourself.
  • How you handle anxiety.
  • That you're perfectly normal - even if you feel like you're the hairiest, sweatiest person in the land.
  • Whether you're a "get Brazilians regularly" person or a "once in a while" person.
Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn to appreciate YOU just a little bit more.

These are just a few. I've got a list a mile long. But you might have to wait for our next random barstool encounter. :)

Thanks for reading.

And if you know someone who is curious about Brazilians, feel free to pass this along.

Happy Friday -