What Mapping Out Special Occasions Will Tell You about Brazilians

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Visit Seasonality

Here's the thing I've noticed over 10 years or so of giving Brazilians on the daily:

You want to be spiffy for the big event.

Now what the "big event" is differs for a lot of you - but they fall into several categories. And they happen several times per year. 

When I mapped them out on a calendar, it adds up to pretty much monthly.

 *Nowhere on the below diagram are two of the most-frequent reasons for special-occasion Brazilians: impending baby delivery and impending marriage/honeymoon. They happen throughout the year and aren't considered seasonal.

Here's my recommendation:

Come in on the regular and/or get yourself on a routine at your important events become the "spending-time-together/exciting/stressful-for-other-reasons-besides-a-Brazilian" situations they are.

The more often you visit or take care of your Brazilian at home, the less painful and less of a hassle it becomes. Your brain embraces the routine. You don't dread it. And you are able to head out on your adventures mid-season without a second thought.