10 Reasons To Get A Brazilian

Why would anyone remove their hair Down There? 

It's a great question. And one I get often.

Depending on where we are when you bring up the topic, you'll get different answers.

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What Mapping Out Special Occasions Will Tell You about Brazilians

Here's the thing I've noticed over 10 years or so of giving Brazilians on the daily:

You want to be spiffy for the big event.

Now what the "big event" is differs for a lot of you - but they fall...

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How to Get Silky Smooth Skin in 5 Easy Steps


"No one’s gonna see it anyway, so why even bother?"

That's something I’ve heard waayyy too many times.

Here’s the thing: smooth, silky skin is worth having AND it’s...

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Face frenemies: a cautionary tale

You. An armload of clothes. A well-dressed employee…who introduces herself (and gives you a compliment!) as she unlocks the dressing room door and helps you with your haul.

The first...

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