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It’s easy to achieve your Best. Skin. Ever.


Sugar Yourself at Home

Get smooth on your own time.

We teach you the technique and secrets to sugaring yourself so you can feel sexy every day.



Get Sugared by Us

Let us sugar your hard-to-reach spots.

Brazilians are best done by an expert. We’re here for you in person, too. Visit our studio.

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For advanced sugaristas!


Bikini Touchup
Keep rockin’ the swimsuit between sugaring appointments.


Upper Thigh
Half a leg at a time, you’ll be hair free.

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Sugaring is the new way to get silky smooth skin.

Tired of waxing and shaving? There’s a better way to get rid of unwanted hair: body sugaring. Skip the strips and the heat and be gentle instead.

Body sugar improves the condition of your skin. With gentle exfoliation happening as your hair is removed, it’s a double dose of awesomeness.

You can do it yourself. I started teaching Sugaring School so you can take care of yourself in the privacy of your own home.

It’s fun to use, and easy to clean. Everything rinses easily with water. In fact, sugar paste is completely organic and 100% edible.

Hair can be super short. You NEVER have to feel unpretty; hair can be 1/16″ – 1/8″.

Sensitive skin loves sugar. No burning, no rashes, no crazy YouTube-worthy horror stories. Just awesome.

Made by hand from USDA Organic ingredients. No additives, fillers, or fragrances. It’s delicious and compostable.

Sugaring is trendy. You’ll feel like you live in LA or Seattle. Plus, it’s fun to tell friends, partners, and husbands you just got sugared…and have them not know what you’re talking about.