The best way to get a Brazilian wax? Sugaring. You’ll enjoy all the fabulous results without worrying about burns, ingrowns, or gluing yourself to…yourself.

You’ve heard the Brazilian horror stories. And they may have scared you away. But now there’s sugaring.

Sugaring is the New Waxing

Get sugared. Your Brazilian will be less painful. You won’t have to get all doggy style. And your skin will be happier. Trust me – you’ll never wax again.

The. Best. Brazilian.

Sugaring is the only way to get waxed. Period.

Brazilians are for You…not Him

Stay clean. Feel sexy. Skip shaving. Save water. Love your body. Love your esthetician. See a Brazilian expert. Save your skin.

He’ll get excited. But so will you. More sensation. Better lovin’. (And when he’s gone, your Brazilian will still treat you well.)

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