The TWH Crew


Jeri “SugarFairy” Seamands
Boise’s First Sugarista

Brazilian newbie? No problem. Jeri knows her way around a nervous client (and hairy ladybits), and is happy to coach you through your first appointment. Expect at least one “good job” or “you’re doing great” and a laugh or two as she gets your mind off the sweet downstairs “noise.”

If you’re a regular waxer looking to switch to sugaring, Jeri can help you there, too. We’ll chat about anything under the sun as you get comfortable with your new provider.

When she’s not in the treatment room, Jeri’s making improvements to TWH. She also loves to travel and tries all the new restaurants that come into town.

Please note Jeri is retired from Arms and Legs. Read more


Future Sugarista

You have a unique ability to be direct and sweet at the same time, a disarming smile and firm handshake. You’re conversational but make sure you listen more than talk. You’re willing to try new things and are unafraid to share your personal experiences. You have a lust for travel and an athletic tendency – you’re always up to something fun.

If this sounds like you, and you have (or are willing to get) an esthetics license…you’ll want to be talking to Jeri.

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