Brazilian Sugaring

Try Sugar. You’ll never go back to wax.

We’re accepting new Brazilian clients. Other areas are available to existing customers.

Here’s the thing: Pulling hair out by the roots is never fun – especially in the Brazilian area – and most especially the first time. But sugar is the least. painful. method. It hurts way, way less than waxing. You recover way, way faster. Ingrowns are rare. Less hair will grow back – and the hair that does is more fine and thin after your very FIRST visit.

Plus, to top it all off, it’s convenient for shavers to transition to the beauty of a Brazilian: you need less than a week’s growth after shaving (waxing requires 2-4 weeks).

You’re going to feel sexy for weeks on end. Make an appointment and see for yourself. And if you want more convincing, check out our reviews on Yelp.

Take care of your ladybits; see our guidance for before and between appointments. 

Need even more convincing?

Sugaring is mass trendy. You’ll feel like you live in LA or Seattle. Plus, it’s fun to tell friends, partners, and husbands you just got sugared…and have them not know what you’re talking about.

You won’t leave with wax bits on your ladybits. Or your underwear, for that matter. Everything rinses easily with water. In fact, sugar paste is completely organic and 100% edible.

Hair can be super short. You NEVER have to feel unpretty; hair can be 1/16″ – 1/8″.

Sensitive skin loves sugar. No burning, no rashes, no crazy YouTube-worthy horror stories. Just awesome.

Made by hand from USDA Organic ingredients. No additives, fillers, or fragrances. It’s delicious and compostable.

Before Your Appointment

Exfoliate. Gently exfoliate the area to be sugared every day, up until the day prior to your appointment.

Trim your hair to 1/4″ or shorter. Long hair creates discomfort during application. And if you’re a shaver, make sure you stop shaving 5-7 days prior to your visit.

Get your workout in. Do your exercising before your appointment. Wait 12-24 hours to exercise afterward.

Clean up. Shower the day of your service, preferably after your workout. Skip any oil-based moisturizer. (Water-based is ok.)

Plan ahead. If you’re nervous about pain, take an ibuprofen or OTC painkiller about 30 minutes before your appointment. Don’t have that last drink – too much alcohol will make the session more painful.

After Care – The First 24 Hours

Your follicles will be open, and your skin will be sensitive. For the first 24 hours:

Shower with cooler water than usual. Skip tanning, hot-tubs, steam rooms, and saunas.

Wait to exercise. Sweat breeds bacteria, which increases the chances of ingrown hairs.

Between Appointments

Moisturize your skin daily, while skin is damp. Use face-quality moisturizer.

Gently exfoliate three times a week, beginning two-three days after your appointment. It’s best to use a nylon gloves or towels; loofahs and washcloths harbor bacteria.

Drink plenty of water.

Exercise. Exercise promotes circulation, which improves skin tone. Healthy skin recovers faster.

Protect with SPF. Fresh, exfoliated skin burns easily.